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Our next "Hang On To The Dream" sponsorship request event is:

​Saturday July 15, 2023

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"What is Hang On To The Dream Day?"

"Hang On To The Dream Day" is a monthly online event where kids can apply for sponsorship for their activities
in order to help them continue to "hang on" to their dream.  The Hang On To The Dream Foundation is making available at least $10,000 each month for the sponsorship of young dreamers to help them achieve their goals in life!    

"When is it held?"

"Hang On To The Dream Day" is held on the 3rd Saturday of every month via Zoom on the Hang On To The Dream website.  Kids, along with their parents, coaches, trainers, etc., will meet privately online with the Hang On To The Dream Foundation staff and, during that meeting, the young applicant will be able to present their request for sponsorship!

"​How much does it cost to register?"

There is no cost to register or apply for a sponsorship meeting!  It is completely free!  Meetings are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Each young applicant will have at least 10 minutes to make their initial presentation pitch for sponsorship.  Plan on each meeting to be at least 20 minutes, in case our team has additional questions for the young applicant. 

"Who can apply for sponsorship?"

Any young US resident between the ages of 7 and 17 who has a dream and a goal for their life!

"What type of sponsorships do you provide?"

It all depends on the dreamer and their dream.  Some previous sponsorships have been in the form of providing a one-time opportunity for a young person to train on Broadway with dancers from "The Lion King", or to learn hockey tips from their favorite NHL player.  Some sponsorships have been in the form of equipment, such as art supplies, sports equipment, etc.  Some sponsorships have been in the form of finances, from covering costs for ice skating lessons, to arranging for full-ride college tuition. To see just some of the kids we have sponsored, "click here". 

Again, it all depends on the dreamer and their dream! 

"What do we need during the sponsorship meeting?"

It is suggested that each young applicant have as much material on hand to show our team everything that best showcases their skill and talent in relation to their dream.  We don't expect the applicant to be perfect at their activity, although their skill level may play a role in what level of sponsorship they may receive, or whether they receive sponsorship at all.  What we look for the most is drive and determination!  Some of the items to have on hand for our staff to review include: pictures and/or videos of the young applicant performing their activity, examples of their art work or audio of their music (if applicable), etc.  We may also ask to see their school grades/report card.    

"How long does it take to find out if a sponsorship request has been granted?"

If sponsorship is granted, the young applicant should receive notification, and the sponsorship they requested, as early as 30 days following the meeting!  Depending on what they are requesting, they may even receive their sponsorship request the same day as the meeting!  Again, it all depends on the dream! 

"This sounds great!  How do I register my child?"

To register for a "Hang On To The Dream Day" Sponsorship Meeting, the young applicant, 
under the assistance, guidance, permission and supervision of a parent,

can "click here" and complete the registration form. 

Registration close 3 days before the event.

Registration for the next Hang On To The Dream Day closes Wednesday July 12, 2023.

"I think this is a wonderful outreach program! 

How do I make a donation to the Hang On To The Dream Foundation?"

Thank you for your interest in wanting to help us make kids dreams come true. 

You can "click here" to make a tax-deductible donation. 

 And remember, 

"No matter how hard things seem, Hang On to the Dream!"​

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