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Some of the information requested below should be considered by you 
to be very personal.  

Please fill out this form, and forms like this on the internet, 
ONLY with the permission and supervision of your parents!

If you, or someone you know, is between the ages of 7 and 17 and are in need of sponsorship to help realize their dream in life, The Hang On to the Dream Foundation may be able to help!

 Simply have your parents fill out the form below to sign up for 

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This is how it works:


- "Hang On To The Dream Day" is a sponsorship event held online via Zoom on

the 3rd Saturday of each month, where kids can request sponsorship assistance for their activities.

- The form below must be filled out by a parent  (with the assistance of your kid, of course)


- After filling out the form below, the information will be reviewed by our Sponsorship Committee. 

If the committee chooses your child for potential sponsorship in the initial review, you will receive an email with a link to schedule a time on "Hang On To The Dream Day" for an online sponsorship meeting with you and your child. Plan on the meeting to last at least 15 minutes.  

- During the online meeting, your child will get the chance to present their sponsorship request directly to the Hang On To The Dream Foundation Sponsorship Committee 

(It is suggested that, if you receive an email to schedule a meeting, you have lots of material available

to show us during your meeting, like pictures, videos, etc., of your child demonstrating their activity)

- If your child's request for sponsorship is granted, they may receive it within 30 days.  

In some cases, they may even receive it within a few days following their sponsorship meeting!​​


If your child is involved in competitive activities, receiving sponsorship from outside parties may jeopardize their Amateur status in that activity.  Please check with your child's coach or association for sponsorship rules before completing the form below.  

To apply for a "Hang On To The Dream" Sponsorship Meeting,

simply complete the form below.

The questions should be answered by the young person in need of sponsorship, but the form MUST be filled out only by a parent.


Additional Note:

The information you provide below is only for our sponsorship evaluation purposes 

and will NEVER be sold to an outside party.

Type of sponsorship needed:

What type of assistance/sponsorship are you in need of in order to realize your dream?
How often do you need this amount?

Trainer, Coach, or Teacher info:

How did you hear about "Hang On to the Dream Day"?
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