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Watch for our grand opening at our new theatre at

1625 N. Las Palmas!

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Weekly Events

Hang On to the Dream

"Open Mic Mondays"

Hang On to the Dream

"Open Mic Mondays"


Hang On to the Dream's "Open Mic Mondays" is for performers of all kinds.  Located in the heart of Hollywood, we strive to offer a supportive space for singers, songwriters, comedians, poets, and others to share their work and hone their craft.


Our "Hang On to the Dream Open Mic Mondays" are held weekly and heard on

iHeart Radio, highlighting some of the best up-and-coming talent in town, while offering artists a great opportunity to meet new people, network with industry professionals and get inspired by the creative energy of fellow performers. Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out, we welcome all levels of talent.   

So come and join us as we help you to Hang On to the Dream!

Marc HOH Radio.png


Be a part of the studio audience for a live taping of

“The History of Hollywood with Marc Wanamaker” podcast!

Join us at the Hang On to the Dream Theatre as Marc Wanamaker, legendary film & TV historian, shares with us "the history of Hollywood"! 


Come and be a part of the studio audience during a live taping of the podcast

"The History of Hollywood w/ Marc Wanamaker", heard on iHeart Radio, and learn all about the beginnings of Hollywood and the famous stars who made it what it is today! From the early silent films to the modern blockbusters, be prepared to dive into the fascinating world of Tinseltown!

The 45 minute lecture will also feature a Q&A session, giving everyone the chance to ask questions. With the help of Marc Wanamaker’s years of experience as a Technical Advisor for such films as "Chaplin", "My Favorite Year" and "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood", and television shows such as "NCIS - Los Angeles",  and many, many more, you will hear all of the stories that make Hollywood what it is today!

Wednesday evenings are "Independent Movie Night"

at Hang On to the Dream Theatre!

Independent Movie Channel presents

"Independent Movie Night" at the Hang On to the Dream Theatre!

Whether you like short films, documentaries or full length features, come and see movies by independent filmmakers from around the world at the Hang On to the Dream Theatre!


If you are an independent filmmaker and you would like to showcase your film

at the Hang On to the Dream Theatre, "Click Here"!

Saturdays are "Family Fun Days"

at the Hang On to the Dream Theatre!

"Ketsy's Kids Club - Live!"

is an interactive stage production and new kids TV show designed to engage and entertain children of all ages! Each episode and live performance is filled with fun activities like arts and crafts, music and dancing, puppets, storytelling

and more! 

Our goal is to provide a fun environment where kids can imagine and learn. We hope to inspire kids to be creative and have a positive attitude about themselves and their future. Join Ketsy and her friends on their exciting weekly adventures!

Come & see one of the BEST plays ever!

Screen Shot 2024-07-10 at 8.02.34 PM.png

"Rachel & Ruthie"

Written by Karen Sokolof Javitch, "Rachel & Ruthie" tells the story of two college students whose paths cross in the most beautiful way!

This is a play you will never forget!

Acting Workshops!

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For more info, call 818-925-4343

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