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"Voices in the Wind"
Words & music by Christopher Ewing
Copyright ©1992 C.E. Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. 

You've got voices like crowds
shouting in your head,
when you're walking down the street
or lying in your bed.
I know just what you are going through my friend
'cause I used to hear them too
just like you.

They used to talk and talk and change my mind all of the time;
make me play games, but never let me win,
call me names so bad,
you'd think it's a sin,
but just where did they come from,
how did they get in?

Those voices,
voices in the wind,
you try and fight just to stay alive
as you keep your secret locked deep down inside
and you wish you had someone in whom to confide,
voices in the wind.

My place in life became unclear to see,
trying so hard to be "them"
I forgot who was "me".
I started to hate just who I had become
and before it was too late
something had to be done.

So one day I said "enough's enough, I gotta be tough",
said "my mind is mine" and from then on
gave the voices no time and when I listened (listened, listened, listened)
they were gone.

Those voices,
voices in the wind,
you try to run but you can not hide
while you drown yourself in the tears that you cry
as you try not to show the pain you feel inside,
Voices in the Wind.

Those voices,
voices in the wind,
you can survive the pain you feel inside.
Just believe in yourself
starting today
and those voices will go away.

Those voices,
voices in the wind,
you've got to be strong and keep moving on.
Just keep on believing and no more deceiving,
just trust and believe and the voice will leave.
Voices in the Wind

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