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If you are a student who would like to join a "Hang On to the Dream" 
chapter in your school, simply fill out the form below:

Make a difference in your community!

"Hang On to the Dream" has created a really cool high school program 
that could be coming to your school! 

If you have a desire to help make a difference in the lives of other kids, 
join the team by heading up a "Hang On to the Dream" Program at your school!  

Simply fill out the form below.  Team members receive cool "Hang On to the Dream" gear and more!!What's It All About:
Each school team receives:

Visits from prominent mentors from every facet of life (Doctors, Lawyers, Business Executives, Artists, TV personalities and more) who will share with you how they succeeded in realizing their dream.  
They will also show you ways to help you cultivate your ideas and show you how to make them reality
Each team will host fund raising events. The money raised will then go into a fund that will be divided
among all of the graduating seniors which can be used for college scholarships, tuition for trade school or even to start a business right out of high school.
The opportunity to help other kids in developing a goal for their future 

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