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National Children’s Organization Seeks to Help Make 
Kids Dreams Come True

The downturn in the economy is not only affecting adults, but it is affecting kids, too.  Because of their parent’s limited finances, kids are having to cut back on some of their lessons and activities, and in some cases, quit them all together.  But, now, one national children’s organization is coming to the rescue of those kids and their dreams. 

The Hang On to the Dream Foundation, a national 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids reach their goals in life, is seeking kids from around the country who are in need of sponsorship for their activities that their parents may no longer be able to afford. 

“The economy is affecting more than just adults, it is affecting the kids of those adults, as well”, says Christopher Ewing, an Emmy Award winning TV host and the organization’s president and founder.  “ Parents are being forced to stop their kids dance lessons, their skating lessons, their music lessons, and in the end it breaks the kid’s heart because they have to stop an activity they absolutely love, and it breaks the parent’s heart, too, because they can’t afford to continue to support something that they know their kid is truly gifted in and loves to do. And in the end, we all lose because who knows where that young person could go with their dream and what type of impact their dream could have on them and others?  The loss of a child’s dream has an effect on all of us and is a lose-lose for everyone,” Ewing says.

The Hang On to the Dream Foundation is now accepting sponsorship requests from kids who are considered positive role models because of their skills and talents, or because of how they have triumphed over a tragedy in their life.  Kids and their parents can "click here" and apply for sponsorship online.  Past recipients have received sponsorship for sporting activities, school scholarships, art supplies and much more.   

Ewing says the organization’s philosophy is simple.  “A kid should not have to lose their dream because they can’t afford to have a dream, or lose hope for their future because they can’t afford to dream”.

To apply, "Click Here"

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