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The "Hang On to the Dream" School Chapters

Starting in Fall 2008, The Hang On to the Dream Foundation launched Hang On to the Dream "School Chapters" in high schools around the country.  Through the school chapters, The Hang On to the Dream Foundation continues its mission of helping kids realize their full potential in life by providing them with the tools needed to be a success in whatever their goals for their future may be.


In each "Hang On to the Dream" chapter, kids will learn valuable lessons from various business leaders from their community who will serve as mentors to the kids in the program, on everything from "how to write an effective resume" to "how to start a business" and more.  The Hang On to the Dream Foundation will assist each local chapter to reach out to local community leaders and ask them to donate some of their time to help the kids in the program.

Scholarship Finances
One of the greatest features of the "Hang On to the Dream" school program is that it offers the opportunity for students to receive scholarships through the program upon graduation.  This feature is a first-of-its-kind and it allows kids who are part of the school chapters, to hold fundraisers for the "Hang On to the Dream" chapter in an effort to raise money for their school program. That money will then be placed into their own local "Hang On to the Dream" bank account and, upon graduation, all of the high school seniors who are part of the program will be able to draw funds from the account which they will then be able to use as a college scholarship, tuition for a trade school or, if the student does not wish to attend college, the money can be used to start up a business!


To start a "Hang On to the Dream" chapter in your High School:

- Students can contact either the school Principle or the  school counselor and ask them to have a member of the faculty contact us about opening a chapter in the school.  A faculty member can also decide to start a program in the school.

- The person starting the chapter would then hold a rally or sign-up drive at the school to get students to join the chapter.  In most cases, Christopher Ewing, the President and Founder of The Hang On to the Dream Foundation can be on hand the day of your sign-up rally!

- Once you have the desired number of members that you want, the chapter can hold elections for Student President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for the chapter. 

-Once your chapter's Board of Directors is established, set up dates for meetings (once a week is recommended). In these meetings, mentors should visit at least every other week who will discuss what it is that they do for a living and how they got to be who they are in their field. Occupations of the mentors chosen to speak should represent the desired occupation of some of the kids in the group. 

- By the 4th week, planning should begin on the chapter's first fundraising event. One of the Board members should contact the National Chapter to discuss their fundraising ideas, and in some cases the President of The HOTTDF, Christopher Ewing, can make himself available to attend your event, especially your first one.  It is recommended that you hold at least 3 fundraisers per school year.

At the end of the school year, all of the money that was raised by the chapter throughout the year will be tallied and divided in half. Half of the money will remain in the chapter's bank account, the other half will be divided among the total number of seniors who are in the program to use as a college scholarship, tuition for a trade school or, if the student does not wish to attend college, the money can be used to start up a business.


Students must have at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average to be admitted into the program.  If a student's GPA falls below a 2.0 for more than 2 marking periods, they will be suspended from the program until their GPA returns to the required level.

A student can lose to ability to participate in the "Hang On to the Dream" program in any of the following cases:

- Suspension from school for more than 3 days during the school year (consecutive or total)
- Any M.I.P. (Minor in Possession) citation issued, by either the school or local police department
- Being expelled from school for any reason

Any student in the program who has been suspended from the program due to any of the reasons listed above may submit a written letter stating why they feel they should be able to remain in the Hang On to the Dream program.  The National Board of Directors of The Hang On to the Dream Foundation will review the letter and make their decision, which will be considered final.

Chapter Website
Each chapter will have their own web page on the Hang On to the Dream website ( Through the website, each chapter will be able to keep their community, and other chapters, informed of any events that they have coming up.


Faculty Request to Form a Chapter

Student Request to Form a Chapter

Student Request to Become a Member of a Chapter

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