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José is a 12 year-old boy from Monrovia, California who was born with cerebral palsy. He lives with his single parent mom, Hellen, his dog Billy, and his great grandma & grandpa.

José learned to swim at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena, CA in group swim classes for kids with disabilities. However, when his classes were suspended due to COVID, José's limbs began to tighten and atrophy, and his physical dexterity began to suffer since swimming is the only form of therapy he enjoys and is able to participate in due to living his young life in a wheelchair.  José loves swimming!  When in the pool, José says he feels 'free' to be himself, and there is no doubt that his self esteem, in addition to his physical wellness, benefits greatly from swim therapy.

Coming from a low-income family, José is in need of financial sponsorship in order to continue to participate in swim therapy.

Can you help sponsor José?

José's needs:

Swim therapy sessions:

$84 per session


José works with a certified physical therapist while swimming 2 times per week


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