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The "Dream" is born...

In the early 1990's, Actor/Model Christopher Ewing set out to write a song that would encourage young people not to give up on their goals, no matter how much peer pressure they encountered or what type of obstacles appeared to stand in their way. 

At the same time, he had an idea for a television show that he didn't have a name for yet; all he did know was that this idea kept him awake at night and would not let go.  

Christopher's idea was a TV show that would feature kids who were some of the young "unsung heroes" that people never seemed to hear about; kids who were gifted and talented, and who were outstanding role models for other kids. Kids who, if they just got a "break", could go on to change the world.

Christopher's song (that he eventually titled "Hang On to the Dream"), went on to be the title of his TV show idea, and that show went on to become one of the most unique children's programs in the history of television.  "Hang On to the Dream", the television show,  went on with the coveted Emmy Award for "Best Children's & Youth Program" in 1995. That same year, the National Association of Broadcasters gave "Hang On to the Dream" one of broadcasting's highest honors, the "Service to Children Television Award".  Christopher was presented that prestigious award at a ceremony on Capitol Hill, where the NAB named "Hang On to the Dream" one of the Top-10 kid's shows on television, out of over 200 shows judged from across the country.  

Following the success of the television show, Christopher wanted to be able to help even more kids than he could feature on a half-hour TV show.  So in February 2004, he founded the Hang On To The Dream Foundation, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps young people realize their goals in life by providing them with needed equipment, opportunities and/or finances, in an effort to help them "hang on" to their dreams in life.  Because of his gift as a public speaker, at the invitation of the NAB, Christopher has spoken twice on Capitol Hill.   

The "Dream" continues....

Now, in the day and age of "Reality T.V.", "Hang On to the Dream" is back!  New episode are currently in production for the 2020-2021 season. 

"Hang On to the Dream" is the ultimate form of reality television, showing real kids with real dreams, and how Christopher & Hang On To The Dream Foundation helps to make those dreams a reality. The show, along with the non-profit organization, gives parents, politicians, educators, and advertisers what they want (quality children's programming), and kids what they need: a chance to see their dreams come true!

As the song says, "dreams are just successes under construction", and the Hang On To The Dream Foundation helps kids turn them into skyscrapers!

Below are just some of the kids that the Hang On To The Dream Foundation has helped across the country: 

At first glance, Josh is your typical teenager, with a love for hockey.  But it was weeks before his coach discovered the secret he was trying to hide. 

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Stephanie loves ice skating, but her life has not always been graceful. Her parents lost custody of her due to their drug addiction.  Stephanie was training to become a top ice skater at the time, and it looked as if she would have to quit, until Christopher and the Hang On to the Dream Foundation changed all that!

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Sable is an inspiration to us all.  Born without arms, she didn't let her physical limitations stop her from becoming a certified lifeguard, and Christopher and the Hang On To The Dream Foundation gave her a gift to help her to continue to reach for her dreams!​

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Vanessa was getting poor grades and experimenting with drugs in middle school, when a close friend died from a drug overdose.  Scared straight, she began to study more, and even taught herself to dance.   When Christopher and the Hand On To The Dream Foundation heard how she worked her way up to a 4.0 GPA, becoming the first person in her family to graduate high school, they flew to Denver and gave Vanessa the surprise of her life!


Christopher Ewing


"Hang On To The Dream" - The TV Show


Hang On To The Dream Foundation

Hang On To The Dream Foundation (Main Office)

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​Phone:  (888) DREAM-15

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"No matter how hard things seem,

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