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​Making Kids Dreams Come True

Frequently Asked Questions


"What is the "Hang On to the Dream Foundation"?

The Hang On to the Dream Foundation is a national, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization geared towards helping kids realize their dreams.  The foundation was started following the success of an Emmy Award winning kids television show of the late 1990's called "Hang On to the Dream", which was created and hosted by the organization's founder, Christopher Ewing. The television show featured kids 8-17 years of age who were considered positive role models for other kids because of their outstanding skills, talents or triumph over tragedy.  Those kids were then presented with "things"; from needed equipment to opportunities to money, in an effort to them continue to "hang on to the dream".


"When I make a donation to the Hang On to the Dream Foundation, where does the money go?"

"What this is not is one of those 'non-profit organizations' where the only people who reap the benefits of the organization are the people who run it," says Christopher. "Every cent that is donated to the foundation goes directly to helping the kids who contact us requesting assistance as they strive toward building their futures."  Kids contact the Hang On to the Dream Foundation with various requests, from a need for photographic equipment to the need for experience working at a particular job, to money to purchase needed items and more.  The foundation's Board of Directors is psychologists, social workers, teachers and others who assist in evaluating each request.  The turn around time for kids receiving their request has been as short as a few days.



"What are the different areas that the foundation offers help
to young people?"

Kids 8 to 17 years of age can receive help from the organization in a number of different areas and ways. Kids who are in need of items or opportunity or money can contact the foundation and make a request.  There is also the "Hang On to the Dream Scholarship Fund" that provides money to high school seniors going on to college.  10 different scholarships are offered each year: 5 to kids from low income families, and 5 to kids of any economic background who are planning on majoring in the fields of medicine, automotive, the arts and horsemanship, as well as a scholarship specifically for physically challenged students who are wishing to attend college.



"This foundation sounds cool!  How can I help?"

The "Hang On to the Dream Foundation" is solely supported by the generosity of people like you and your tax-deductible donation can be made at various donor levels.  Also, when you make a donation to the "Hang On to the Dream Foundation", please check to see if your employer has a "matching donor" program.

To make a donation right now on-line, "click here".



To send in a donation, please mail your donation payable to:

The Hang On to the Dream Foundation
200 East Big Beaver Road
Troy, Michigan  48083
(248) 470-4882



"No Matter How Hard Things Seem, Hang On to the Dream"! 

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