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An important message from Rusty...

Please help support our "Rusty Says" campaign. 

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We are looking for some of the best kids in the country!
If you, or someone you know, is 
17 years of age or younger and is a positive role model for other kids, we may feature you on an upcoming episode of the 
Emmy Award winning show, 
"Hang On to the Dream", 
and present you with needed items, equipment, opportunities or finances that will  help you to "Hang On to the Dream!"

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And remember, 
"No matter how hard things seem,
"Hang On to the Dream"! 

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Hang On to the Dream & Yamaha Fix Kids Broken Dreams!

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Coming Soon!

New episodes of

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Check out Josh!

The "Miracle on Ice!"

Back in the Saddle!

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"Hang On to the Dream" Helps Young Nebraska Lifeguard With No Arm Reach For Her Dream!

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Courageous young skater in Iowa gets a sponsor 
PLUS ​the "Key to the City" 
​through The Hang On to the Dream Foundation!

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(Photo from left: Stephanie's grandmother, Sharon; foundation president Christopher Ewing;
Stephanie; former Council Bluffs Mayor Mayor Tom Hanafan)

Take the 

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​"I, [your name], promise to NEVER give up on believing in myself and in my dream of becoming whatever it is that I want to be in life.


I understand that there will be people who will tell me that I will not make it, that I cannot do it and that I will never succeed. 


However, I make this promise to myself on this day, that I will continue to believe in myself, and my dream, no matter what!"



If you have made this pledge to yourself to NEVER give up on your dream, congratulations on behalf of everyone who will benefit from your success! 


Click the link below to print out a "Pledge Card" to keep in your wallet or purse as a reminder of your pledge that no matter how hard things  seem, you will always "Hang On to the Dream"!

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"Hang On to the Dream" 
Gives Denver Teen Who Used Dance To Turn Her Life Around The Surprise Of A Lifetime!

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Hang On to the Dream Foundation president and founder,

Christopher Ewing, presents the 
"Hang On to the Dream Award" to Dr. Frank D. DeAngelis, retired principal, and some of the students of Columbine High School.

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Young Piano Prodigy Wows the Crowd at 
Mall of America & Wins the 
"Hang On to the Dream" 
Music Competition in Minneapolis!

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Make a donation to help a young person 

"Hang On to the Dream"!

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