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The television newsmagazine about extraordinary kids!

Hosted by 
Christopher Ewing

17 year old Priscilla Schultz's dream was to have her comic strip "Adam", which she draws for her school newspaper, appear in a major newspaper. 

Born deaf, Priscilla was very interested in getting the message out that hearing impaired kids can do anything that other kids can do too. 

On an episode that was shot on-location at an amusement park, 

Priscila was surprised by one of the editors of a major newspaper that her comic strip "Adam" was going to appear in an upcoming edition. 

18 year old Robin Miller needed money for college.

Christopher & "Hang On to the Dream", 
with the help of 2 area businessmen, presented Robin with nearly 
$11,000 on-the-air for her to attend college where she is currently majoring 
in nursing.

Ryan Yager was an energetic and gifted ballerina, 
until at the age of 8 when she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, 
a rare form of kidney cancer. 

She fought back and beat the cancer

and at the age of 12   

her dream was granted, 
which was to work at a summer camp for kids with cancer.  

["Hang On To The Dream"]
 is an Emmy Award winning television newsmagazine
created, hosted & produced by Christopher Ewing that features 
young people ages 10 -18 years of age who are considered 
role models for others.


Named by the National Association of Broadcasters
as one of the top-10 kids shows in the country in 1995,
"Hang On to the Dream" is currently in production of new episodes for 
the current season.  

Also, the "Hang On to the Dream Award" is being presented 
to deserving young people around the country!

If you or someone you know is between 
10 and 18 years old and would like to be featured on 
"Hang On to the Dream"
or is deserving of a "Hang On to the Dream Award" 

If you are a station interested in airing 
"Hang On to the Dream"


"Hang On to the Dream" 
Copyright ©2006 Hang On to the Dream Inc.  All rights reserved.

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