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11 year old Emma Schneider of Arden Hills, Minnesota only came to the Mall of America on Saturday November 13 to buy a pair of shoes, but instead she received thunderous applause from the crowd who listened as she won the "Hang On to the Dream Sing & Jam Competition". "My mom and I only came here to buy some shoes," she told the media on hand at the event. "Now this! I can't believe I won! Wow!", said the talented young pianist. For winning the music competition she receives 10 hours of free studio time at Winterland Recording Studios in Minneapolis, where such singers as Sarah McLachlin, Sheryl Crow, Avril Lavigne, Sting and others have recorded. There, Schneider will receive guidance from a top music producer as she records the music of her choice. Her recording will then be made into 500 cd's, courtesy of Media Technics of Sutter Creek, California.The competition was sponsored by the "Hang On to the Dream Foundation" and its founder, Christopher Ewing, the host of a kids television show named "Hang On to the Dream", which is currently shooting new episodes that will air on stations around the country. The show, which won an Emmy Award for "Best Children's Program" when it aired in a series of specials in the late 1990's, features kids who are positive role models for other kids because of their skills, talents or triumph over tragedy. Those kids are then presented with "things" in order to help them realize their dreams in life. "Emma was awesome" says Ewing. "She's an incredibly gifted young musician and helping kids like her realize their dream is what "Hang On to the Dream" is all about."   The "Hang On to the Dream" -Live! Tour is currently on a 15-city nationwide tour that began in Minneapolis at the Mall of America and will include stops in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York City.Emma began recording her cd on April 7, 2005 and her experience was taped   for an upcoming episode of "Hang On to the Dream".  To make a donation to the Hang On to the Dream Foundation, click here. Emma with Hang On to the Dream Foundation president/T.V. host Christopher Ewing, left, and owner of Winterland Recording Studio Todd Fitzgerald.Emma gets a congratulatory hug from her mom.To see & hear a clip from Emma's winning performance,"Impromptu in E flat Major, op. 90, no.2 by Schubert", click here.PRESS                       [BACK TO HOME]

Music Director ApplicationIf you would like to apply for the Music Director position, please fill out the form below. NameStreet AddressCityState/ProvinceZip/Postal CodeCountryWork PhoneHome PhoneFAXE-mailWeb SiteYears of musical experience?  How many of those years are in teaching other musicians? What instruments do you play? Please type any additional information in the box below:

Hang On to the Dream Theatre is a nonprofit organization dedicated to introducing the performing arts to children in the local community. We are passionate about providing our young people with the resources to explore their creativity and develop their talents.

Our theatre offers a wide range of events and services for all ages. We host movie premiers, concerts, stage productions, corporate meetings, private parties, quinceanera celebrations, weddings and more. Come visit us and let us help you create lasting memories.

Hang On to the Dream Foundation, the national award winning non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids reach their goals in life, proudly announces the grand opening of the Hang On to the Dream Theatre!

Our beautifully designed events center is provides the community with a platform for showcasing their creativity and talent in all areas of the performing arts, right in the heart of Hollywood! 

We are proud to host a wide range of events, including movie premiers, concerts, stage productions, TV show tapings, book signings, corporate meetings, private parties, Quinceaneras, weddings and much, much more!

At the Hang On to the Dream Foundation, we believe that everyone has a talent and we are pleased to provide to the Hollywood community the opportunity to express themselves in this one-
of-a-kind facility!

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"Hang On to the Dream" - The Television Show          "Hang On to the Dream Foundation"

Contact Us!



Christopher Ewing

Vice President
Robin Moulton

Diane Leiman

Dr. James Leiman

Regional Directors

Jackie Newman

(Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Missouri)

Michelle Lauber
(Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah)

Mabel Yong

(Production Coordinator / Assistant to Mr. Ewing)

To inquire about joining the staff of the 
Hang On to the Dream Foundation, 
please contact us at 
(248) 740-3240



"Hang On to the Dream"
200 East Big Beaver Road
Troy, Michigan  48083
(248) 740-3240



NOTE:  Photos & tapes can only be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelop.


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[Macy*s Way To Shop]           caruso caruso ["Hang On To The Dream"]Fall Fashion Show to benefit the"Hang On to the Dream Foundation" held at the Henry Ford EstateWednesday November 17, 2004Fashion Show Benefit Was A Great Success!There was great food, great entertainment and great surprises at the "Hang On to the Dream Fall Fashion Show" held at the 56-room Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn, Michigan on November 17, 2004.  Young area models sported the latest fashions from Macy's, Limited Too, Kohl's, Caruso Caruso and Oi Lily, and guests were treated to entertainment by cellist  Carly Champion and violinist Emily Hudock, as well as dance performances by dancers from the Mary Skiba School of Dance.  One of the highlights of the evening was when one of the models, 17 year old Tyson Allen-Troup, who has undergone 121 operations due to a brain disorder, saw 2 of his biggest dreams come true due to the efforts of the Hang On to the Dream Foundation and its founder, Christopher Ewing.  An ambush by bullies a year ago left Tyson with missing teeth.  Unable to afford to have them replaced, Christopher surprised Tyson with the news that Dr. Michael Reich ofGarden City, MI will replace his teeth free of charge.     Tyson was also surprised when Christopher told him that his dream of attending Schoolcraft College's culinary arts program was going to be a reality when the school's director personally presented Tyson with his own monogrammed chef's uniform and a scholarship to one of the school's programs.   Portions of the surprise were aired "Live" on television from the estate.  "Click" below to view the news story. The Hang On to the Dream Foundationwould like to thank the following models, dancers & musiciansfor contributing their outstanding talents to this event:MusiciansCarly Champion - celloEmily Hudock - violinModelsprovided by John Casablancas Modeling School in Sterling Heights, MI: caruso carusoMollie FranklinKristen MarzoniChad Thompson Natasha KrupaSarah Robertson Nichelle ParhamMaddie BenisattoZak VollerTyson Allen-TroupMatthew BelansAlexis ForrisLaura SerpettiKierston Dill  [Macy*s Way To Shop]Cindy KissTara MannShawn JacksonRandi LandChris VanWashenova Kyla CanoTatyana ValdovinosToni SmithDori ScottKelly McGraw Lindsey AndersonDevon Anderson Dancersprovided byMary Skiba School of Dance in Clinton Twp, MIJr. Team:Alyssa Buss, Alyssa Hindman, Alyssa Iselli, Rebecca Abbott, Jessica Maas, Jessica Lynnes, Sarah Kelly, Samantha Tortomasi, Amber Klaus, Irene Vandenberghe Sr. Team:Rachel Abbott, Ashley Krause, Ashley Harrison, Chelsea Schatzberg, Nicole Hatcher, Jessica Schmeltz, Gina Mendola, Autumn Pietraszewski, Lisa D'Addario, Andrea Sciuto, Alisha Balcerowiak, Brianna Balcerowiak,Soloists:Shannon DeBusscher and Kelli McCarthiTeam Directors: Mary SkibaStacey SkibaBrianne DelBene A special thanks goes out to everyonewho made the event a success!To view the news segment on the event, "click below".[You must have Windows Media Player to view the clip][BACK TO HOME]


["Hang On To The Dream" Omaha!]

News from the "Hang On to the Dream Music Competition" in Omaha!

16 Year Old Tarrin Escamilla
of Fremont, Nebraska
Wins the "Hang On to the Dream Music Competition"
Out of nearly 50 entries

"I am so excited," 16 year old Tarrin Escamilla of Freemont, NE told the throngs of television and newspaper reporters surrounding her following her winning performance during the "Hang On to the Dream Music Competition".   "My mom had just seen something on television about the competition coming to the area and she said 'you could do that' and now... wow, I can't believe it, I am so happy!"  For her win, Tarrin receives 20 hours of free studio time at Bassline Studios in Omaha where she will get to record her very own cd, then 500 copies of her cd will be pressed up by Media Services, also of Omaha.  Tarrin will also get the chance to tour as part of the "Hang On to the Dream Concert Series" comprised of the winners of the "Hang On to the Dream Music Competition" from around the country.   After her win, Tarrin had to wake up early the following morning to appear "Live" on the Omaha NBC affiliate, WOWT-TV, for a live interview regarding her win. 

Way to go, Tarrin!

Top 3 Finishers
1st Place - Tarrin Escamilla (center), 2nd Place - Shea Daharsh (right), 3rd Place - Stephanie Fromm (left)

4th Place - Tiffany Morris


5th Place - "The Side Effects"
(Tyler Porter, Matt Pierson, Will Holdcroft, Eva Gouveia, Sarah Inman & Pat Newman)

Coming Here Soon!  Clips of the 
TV News Coverage of the event!

NBC Affiliate

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CBS Affiliate

AM Omaha
"Live" Sunday 8am

1) Tarrin Wins Music Competition

2)Sable Wins Laptop 

- Sable Wins Laptop



- Christopher "Live at Noon"



Dear Christopher,

     Thank you for a most enjoyable experience with the stop in Omaha, Nebraska.     The entire program that was put on at the Westroads Mall, was above and beyond organized, wholesome, and of course FUN!   You obviously have put a lot of thought into the small details and have a very smooth operation in the entire process!!  You must feel pride in your hard work.   I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with Mrs. Ewing, Chris' mom.   I mentioned to this very nice lady how lives are changed by all that you do, and this changes the future.   Thanks so much for everything.   
Jeanie and Will 

Teen Lifeguard Doesn't Let Lack of Arm Keep Her From 
Reaching Her Dream; Receives Voice Compatible Laptop

[Click to Enlarge]

 (Omaha World Herald photo)

Sable Carfield, 15, fights back tears as she receives a laptop computer Saturday from Christopher Ewing of the Hang On to the Dream Foundation. Sable was born with a partial left arm and no right arm, but recently was certified as a lifeguard.

"Click Here"
To Read The Story

                  (Associated Press photo)                            

Troy, MI - -  The Hang On to the Dream Foundation, currently on a 15-city tour around the United States recognizing young people for their outstanding achievements, recently made a young Omaha girl's dream come true when the organization's founder gave Sable Carfield of McCook, NE a voice compatible laptop computer.  Emmy Award winning TV Host, Christopher Ewing, who founded the organization, was in Omaha over the weekend hosting the "Hang On to the Dream Music Competition" which was held at Westroads Mall, and read in a local newspaper about the teen recently becoming certified as a lifeguard, despite having no right arm and only a partial left arm.   "I was so touched by Sable's determination," Ewing says,  "that I wanted to invite her and her family to be my guests during the competition where we would present Sable with a special award.  However, after speaking with her mother, I found out that Sable was in desperate need of a laptop computer that works by voice recognition and I knew right away that the organization had to do something to make that happen."  So with the help of one of the managers from a Best Buy store in Omaha, Christopher and the Hang On to the Dream Foundation made the surprise presentation. "This is so wonderful," Sable said, as tears ran down her cheeks. "It is so nice to know that there are people out there who really care.  This is really going to help me do my school work a lot faster.  It's been tough sometimes trying to keep up, but this is really going to make it a whole lot easier."   "Sable is an example to all of us," Ewing says.  "She is a young person who has reached her goal of becoming a certified lifeguard because of her sheer will to succeed, against all odds, despite what others may say is impossible, no matter what.  I applaud her for her hard work and I am very proud to have met her.  Because of her determination, not only will she save lives, she will change lives.  She already has." The young lifeguard, who recently turned 16 and just got her drivers license, says that she plans on continuing to swim and hopes to become a Spanish teacher when she grows up. 

The Hang On to the Dream Foundation is a national 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that helps kids reach their goals in life.  Those who would like to make a tax deductible donation, or to nominate a young person who needs help with their dream, can go to

Sable (center) with Hang On to the Dream Foundation founder Christopher Ewing (right) and Best Buy of Omaha store manager Cindi Horning (left) who helped make the presentation of a 
backpack with a voice-compatible laptop computer inside. 
(Photo credits: Jim Ferguson, Hang On to the Dream Foundation staff photographer, unless otherwise noted)

Sable, you are awesome!


Courageous Young Ice Skater ReceivesNational Honor and Key To The City (Photo from left: Sharon Orton, Hang On to the Dream Foundation president Christopher Ewing, Stephanie, Former Council Bluffs, Iowa Mayor Tom Hanafan) VIDEO CLIP Stephanie Orton of Council Bluffs, Iowa was just 7 years old when she was hospitalized with 2nd and 3rd degree burns suffered while in the care of her drug addicted parents.  The court got involved and her parents eventually lost custody of Stephanie due to their constant drug abuse.  After 9 months in foster care, Stephanie was adopted by her maternal grandmother who enrolled her in ice skating lessons in an effort to help take her mind off of all that she had been through.  Now, 5 years later, Stephanie has excelled greatly in her skating, however the finances needed to continue skating have been hard for her grandmother to afford. On Thursday, August 3,  Stephanie was informed by Hang On to the Dream Foundation president Christopher Ewing that his organization has found a sponsor who is going to cover all of the costs of her skating lessons during a presentation ceremony held at the Council Bluffs City Hall.  At the same time, Council Bluffs Mayor Tom Hanafan presented Stephanie with "The Key to the City" in recognition of her accomplishments and determination, becoming the youngest person in Council Bluffs history to receive the key.   Stephanie applied for sponsorship at a Hang On to the Dream Foundation "Dream Search" event held recently in Omaha, Nebraska. "This is really cool," Stephanie said, "and it feels really nice to know that there is someone out there who cares about helping me with my skating."  Stephanie is being sponsored by a family from Ann Arbor, Michigan.   Stephanie's grandmother and legal guardian, Sharon Orton, who has single-handedly been trying to afford Stephanie's skating expenses, while also trying to make ends at home meet at home, says that the sponsorship is a big help.  "I am so happy right now that someone out there cares enough to help Stephanie.  I thank them so much!  I have always told Stephanie that if she just hung in there everything would work out, ...and now it has," Sharon said as her voice cracked and tears streamed down her face.  "Stephanie is exactly what the Hang On to the Dream Foundation is all about and we are thrilled that a very generous sponsor will now go on and play a part in helping her reach her goals in life," Ewing says. The Hang On to the Dream Foundation is a national, non-profit organization, that helps kids all around the country reach their goals in life by providing them with needed items, opportunities and money in an effort to help make their dreams become a reality.  The Hang On to the Dream Foundation is the first children's organization in the U.S. to establish a program where donors can personally choose the child, and the dream, that they wish to support.Kids between the ages of 8 and 17 years of age can apply for sponsorship to cover the cost of their activities.  Interested donors can log on to to choose a child to sponsor.   A very tearful Sharon Orton, and very happy Stephanie Orton, get a chance to say thank you to Stephanie's new sponsor via telephone from City Hall.(Photo credit: Jim Ferguson, Hang On to the Dream Foundation staff photographer) VIDEO CLIP"Click Here"to view a video clip of Stephanie in action![BACK TO HOME]

Application for the ["Hang On To The Dream"]Youth OrchestraIf you or someone you know is 17 and under and is an outstanding musician, let us know about them!  They may be chosen to be a member of the "Hang On to the Dream" Youth Orchestra!  The orchestra will play at venues all over the country.  Auditions and practices will meet once a week in the metropolitan Detroit area.To apply for an audition, please fill out the form below: Child's NameAgeStreet AddressCityState/ProvinceZip/Postal CodeCountryHome PhoneE-mailWeb site              Parent's NameDaytime PhoneCell PhoneE-mailWhat instrument do you or the child play?   For how many years?   Please tell us any additional information in the box below:  Copyright  2005 HOTTDF Inc. All rights reserved. 

Hang On to the Dream Theatre is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing access to the performing arts to children and young adults in the Los Angeles area. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages everyone to embrace their creative potential.

Our Open House Wednesday May 31, 2023, is an opportunity to meet our instructors, see our facilities and learn more about our program. We are located in the heart of Hollywood, and the event is free and open to all. We look forward to seeing you there

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