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"Amazing Kids!"

"Miracle on Ice"

14 year old Josh is the star player on his hockey team, and his skill on the ice and his determination to win is so strong, that it was months before even his coach knew the secret he was hiding- both of his legs had been amputated when he was just 13 months old.  This is an amazing story of courage that viewers will surely talk about for days!  To view footage from this interview, click here.  

"Un-broken Spirits"

The break-in made headlines around the country when students at the nationally recognized Detroit High School for the Fine & Performing Arts found virtually every instrument in the band room either stolen or destroyed by vandals.  "It was vicious... there were broken instruments all over the place.  It was just terrible," said Ed Quick, one of the music teachers at the school.  That's when "Hang On to the Dream" contacted Yamaha Corporation of America to see if they could help these kids 
"hang on" to their dream.  Click here for more of the story.


Teen Lifeguard Doesn't Let Lack of Arm Keep Her From Reaching Her Dream
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15 year old Sable Carfield just became certified as a lifeguard, despite having no arms. 
Don't miss this determined young swimmer's incredible story.
"Click here"



"Musical Prodigy" 

She is one of the top African-American violinists in the country and was recently named one of "20 Teens Who Will Change The World" by Teen People Magazine.  Hear this musical prodigy and watch as she had the chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to train with the late legendary violinist, Isaac Stern.

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