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Student Request
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Now, the coolest kids organization in the country goes to some of the coolest high schools in the country to help some of the coolest kids in the country!

The Hang on to the Dream Foundation is proud to announce that its new
“Hang On to the Dream” School Chapters 
are forming in high schools throughout the United States!

Here's How It Works:

- Students join the local “Hang On to the Dream” chapter in their school.  They elect a student President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and the program is supervised by one of the teachers from the school. 

- In each chapter, kids meet and learn valuable lessons from various business leaders in their community.  These business leaders will act as mentors to the kids, instructing them on everything from "how to write an effective resume" to "how to start a business" and more! 

- Students in the program will also hold brain-storming meetings and host fundraisers to raise money for their school's “Hang On to the Dream” chapter.  100% of the money raised by their chapter will go directly into their own local Hang On to the Dream bank account.  Upon graduation, all of the high school seniors who are part of their school's "Hang On to the Dream" chapter will be able to draw funds from the chapter’s account and use the money as, either, a college scholarship, money to attend a trade school or, if they do not plan on attending college, they can use the money to set up a business after they graduate!

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